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Minecraft: Treehouse

After much looking, perusing the forums and such, then gave up until, totally unintentionally, I found a pretty awesome server to play Minecraft on. For the first time am basically playing on my own — socially, of course, and talking and trading, but even so. I’m designing according to my own...


A Day in Luray

Drove up to Luray to visit the Caverns and see what else there was to see. I borrowed my mother’s convertible for the trip, but unfortunately it was rainy and cold, so I kept the top up. The wipers were in pretty rough shape, but the rain wasn’t too bad...



I was right. The pillows suck. The mead was better with hard apple cider, too. Definitely fit for a celebration. I’m glad I ordered the sampler, even if I haven’t had a chance to use the wine glasses yet.



I have made a commitment to turn off my filter, not agonize over perceptions or subtext, and simply do what I want to do within the boundaries of what has been explicitly asked of me. I’m not going to dwell on missteps or embarrassment, and I’m going to embrace what...


Spaghetti & Baked Bread

Every Tuesday and Friday at work, we get together to meet and talk about our students, compare notes, find out about new protocols, etc. Unlike most schools, these weekly meetings are actually valuable. On Fridays different people sign up to cook, usually in groups of 3. I wound up with the nurse...


Porn vs. Erotica

I have an objection to is women who read erotica and rave about erotica and think that 50 Shades is the best thing ever and then turn around and get into screaming fights with their male significant other because they dare watch porn. It is important to note that I expose...


Fermi’s Paradox

I know a few people who get a real kick out of those History channel shows where they talk about how all of humanity’s greatest achievements are all really because of the aliens, and aliens clearly exist because ancient mythology matches up to modern-day beliefs of what aliens would have to...


Fender Bender

My first day off since the first and I spent it in the rain. Last weekend, I was stopped at a red light on my way to a friend’s house. The woman behind me, in her giant truck, let off the brake and ran into the back of my tiny...


Rummy Rules

I went to Fells Point again after work. The plan was to see Federal Hill, which I’ve somehow never stood on and have always driven past, wanting to explore. Unfortuately, it started to rain before we got there. So we turned back, picked up some cards, and played gin rummy....


Assumptions & Empathy

We live in a globalized world, most of us — particularly those with the wherewithal and interest to be reading this blog. It’s easy to forget that not everyone is like us. In the wake of John Scalzi’s Lowest Difficulty Setting blog post, I was thinking about a guy I know...