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Let’s Play 7d2d Alpha 9.1: Day 2

In today’s episode you can see my point of view on the bottom and JD’s on the top. This is day 2 on our NothingMore seed (and our first day on 7d2d Alpha 9.1). JD starts in the snow (ugh!) and… Continue Reading →

Let’s Play 7d2d Alpha 9: Day 1

Day 1 on the NothingMore seed. JD & I find a city, before a dog kills  me. We explore apartment buildings, fight zombies, and discuss the various bugs and quirks of 7d2d Alpha 9!  

Let’s Play: Garry’s Mod: Prop Hunt

JD plays Prop Hunt on the Flashpoint Gamers server. Watch as he trolls as a teacup and fails as a hunter!

The Alpha 9 update for 7 Days to Die (billed as a survival horde crafting game) is dominated by one key element: random world generation. It was my most anticipated feature since purchasing the game for Valentine’s Day, and overall… Continue Reading →

Minecraft Server Showcase: Better In Game

Watch Nothing More’s first youtube video. JD showcases the Better In Game 18+ Minecraft server. See the fantastic spawn area and check out our starter hut! Feel free to subscribe to our channel.

Fellow teachers always seem surprised to find that Minecraft can have educational value, but there are many things I can teach in a Minecraft class — all under the guise of showing children ages 7-14 how to better their experiences with the game…. Continue Reading →

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